Micro Credential

Upskills To Innovate Your World!

In short, it is a new, innovative method of learning and up-skilling yourself!
It has been practised globally by online and offline world-class educational institutions. In this modern world, education evolves into something that gives you a chance to focus on different types of skills that may or may not be related to your field of study.
Rapid and disruptive changes characterise the twenty-first century. Adults, workers, and graduates must be agile enough to reskill and upskill in order to stay relevant, if not ahead of the curve, in such a dynamic environment. In this ever-demanding society, Micro-Credential Course is a popular solution to improve one’s skillset.

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Micro-credential is a certification of assessed learning from a single or a series of courses designed to educate learners with information, skills, values, and competence in a specific field of study or activity.

A digital certificate indicating competency in a specific area will be awarded upon completion of the course. It will serve as an added value for students towards their existing qualifications or professions.


Personalisation for employees
Micro-credentials allow you to personalise your training programme with ease, and tailor clusters of micro-credentials to suit your career goals and responsibilities.
A micro-credential courses can allow you to recognise an employee’s innovative ideas over time by awarding them with a creative micro-credential, in both soft and hard skills.
Structured approach to learning on the job
The flexibility and incremental nature of micro-credentials means you have a tool to give employees greater structure and measurement in the skillset and knowledge which you can contribute and accumulate in your role.
Micro-credentials can be designed from scratch by the business, and they can be delivered in an incremental way to stagger programme stages, which is flexible for the employee to enhance their skills.
Multidisciplinary roles
Micro-credentialing allows businesses to build competencies across disciplines rapidly by delivering training programmes in highly targeted subject or capability areas, without employees having to commit to long-term qualifications.
Training in emerging areas
Traditional credentials can take long to implement, or they might not provide coverage for the skillsets you require. Micro-credentialing offers a way to train individual staff members in specific areas quickly, so you can quickly take advantage of emerging market opportunities or respond in a timely way to technology trends.
Deliver on demand
Micro-credentialing training programmes would enable you to deliver training on demand. In addition to the scaling and incremental commitment benefits, you can work around business and employee’s schedules to provide training when it’s most convenient.
Track and deliver training more effectively
Because micro-credentials are delivered on a unit-by-unit basis, you could find it easier to manage and track your training programmes at work. Additionally, micro-credentials can be easily clustered to create an overall training programme. And since you can tailor it to your workplace schedule, delivery is also streamlined.
Staying ahead of the competition requires businesses to ensure employees are competent, engaged and productive. Scalable training programmes like micro-credentialing could offer a cost-effective way to maintain competitiveness and respond to changing market demands.
While it has always been possible for micro-credentials to ‘stack’ toward expandable qualifications, often parts of educational sequences—have become a critical pathway for learners to advance their careers, gain higher pay, and display competency in a shorter timeframe than full degree programmes allow.


Micro-credential courses at UCSI University support the professional, technical, academic and personal development of the learners. Individuals can take micro-credential courses as part of an approved programme for educational objectives or as a form of professional development, upskilling or reskilling.

UCSI’s Micro-credentials also enable high school students to undertake Bachelor degree subjects and for undergraduates to enrol in coursework Master’s subjects via credit transfer. These micro-credentials allow students to sample higher level courses and enable them to complete a higher qualification in a shorter duration.

An e-certificate/badge will be provided upon completion of a micro-credential course. Participants will also be awarded the UCSI Malaysian Micro-Credential Certificate which will allow them to transfer credit when they pursue their studies in UCSI. In order to do credit transfer, participants are required to meet specific minimum entry requirements for particular programmes which can be found at APEL (C).

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