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Data Analytics

Data analysis is the aspect of extracting crucial and vital amongst a set of large data. Data in its raw format of facts and figures is usually meaningless unless one is able to extract specific information from it by “massaging” the data. For any organization to grow, data analysis has become the de facto standards of understanding the importance of current problems faced and how to overcome it purely by analysing and interpreting the raw data. Thus, the process of giving a “structure” to the data becomes crucial in informed management decision making.

In this course, students will be introduced to Power BI, Advanced Excel, and SQL/No SQL. Students can learn important skills in Data Analytics like- My SQL, DBMS Language, SQL operators, SQL joins, SQL triggers, data modeling, and DAX, data visualization, learning advanced excel functions for storing and sorting data.

Registration Deadline : 15 Oct 2023 (18 days 15 hours 21 mins 11 secs)

Start Date : 01 Nov 2023

End Date : 30 Nov 2023

RM 800.00 Per Course

Number of Item : 1

Total (RM) : 800.00