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Microsoft Professional Program for Modern IT Support

The “Help Desk of the Future”.

The front line of engagement for customers of the 21st-century workplace when problems arise. With this up-to-date IT Support Track, you will learn a wide range of skills to diagnose, troubleshoot, and solve customer issues. Engage the Problems Head-On. IT support is the go-to person when a customer's experience goes awry. This track will teach students to engage customers with a wide range of skills to diagnose, troubleshoot and provide solutions to product issues. 
What You'll Learn:
1) IT Support Fundamentals.
2) IT Support Communication.
3) IT Support Troubleshooting.
4) IT Support Documentation.
5) Hardware Essentials.
6) Networking Essentials.
7) Windows Installation.
8) Windows Configuration.
9) Windows Maintenance.
10) Troubleshooting Windows.
11) Microsoft Office Fundamentals.
12) Troubleshooting Microsoft Office.
13) Cloud Fundamentals.
Students who complete this course can earn a digital certificate and skill badge - detailed, secure, and blockchain-authenticated credentials that profile the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired in this course.

Career Opportunity :
Registration Deadline : 22 Jun 2024 (34 days 2 hours 43 mins 16 secs)
Start Date : 01 Jul 2024 End Date : 30 Jul 2024 Price : RM 3000.00 Per Course

Number of Item : 1
Total (RM) : 3000.00