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Microsoft Professional Program for Modern Software Development

Code Builds Everything in Today’s World and Beyond.

Say "Hello" to the World of Software Development. Turn your ideas into products with software development. Nearly all technology that you engage with relies on software. The job outlook for software developers is growing year after year. Simply put, Software Developers are the people bringing the modern world to life. Software Engineers are at the very core of the modern world with a constantly growing demand. 
What You'll Learn:
1) Think Logically and Systematically.
2) Create Basic Programs and Functions. 
3) Process Simple Data Structures and Files.
4) Develop a Simple Technical Solution. 
5) Develop Interactive Webpages.
6) Develop and Deploy Dynamic Websites.
7) Create Advanced Programs and Functions.
8) Create Basic Object-Oriented Programs.
9) Analyze Algorithms and Data Structures for Efficiency.
10) Apply Software Development to Real-World Scenarios.
11) Design User-Centric Software.
12) Design Software for Global Audience.
Students who complete this course can earn a digital certificate and skill badge - these are detailed, secure, and blockchain-authenticated credentials that profile the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired in this course.

Career Opportunity :
Registration Deadline : 22 Jun 2024 (34 days 2 hours 21 mins 28 secs)
Start Date : 01 Jul 2024 End Date : 30 Jul 2024 Price : RM 3000.00 Per Course

Number of Item : 1
Total (RM) : 3000.00