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Microsoft Professional Program for Data Analytics

Grow your data analysis skills.

Learn critical skills through data analysis like problem-solving, communication, decision making, and more. The analysis tools may change, but their underlying skills will remain valuable.
Get the Answers with Data Analytics. The ability to analyze, deliver, and create impact with data is a crucial skill in the modern world. Grow your data analysis skills through problem-solving and decision-making to communicate impactful data results.  This track will help students become AI Engineers by mastering algorithms, neural networks, and deep learning methods. 
What You'll Learn:
1) Get Started with Data Analysis
2) Analyze Data Using Statistics
3) Create Basic Data Visualizations
4) Pivot & Manipulation Data
5) Query Relational Data
6) Build Descriptive Analytics Models and Visualizations
6) Communicate Data Insights
7) Apply Data Analysis Methods in the Context of Organizational and Industry Specific Scenarios.
Students who complete this course can earn a digital certificate and skill badge - detailed, secure, and blockchain-authenticated credentials that profile the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired in this course.

Career Opportunity :
Registration Deadline : 22 Jun 2024 (34 days 1 hours 20 mins 56 secs)
Start Date : 01 Jul 2024 End Date : 30 Jul 2024 Price : RM 3000.00 Per Course

Number of Item : 1
Total (RM) : 3000.00