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Microsoft Professional Program for Cybersecurity

Lock in your Cybersecurity Skills.

Cybersecurity protects the data and integrity of computing assets connected to an organization's network. Its purpose is to defend those assets against all threat actors throughout the entire life cycle of a cyber-attack.
Secure a Career in Cybersecurity. Protect yourself, others, or your organization from digital attacks on systems, networks, and programs. When businesses are constantly threatened by cyber attacks, Highly skilled individuals help minimize these threats. This track will help students become AI Engineers by mastering algorithms, neural networks, and deep learning methods. 
What You'll Learn:
1) Introduction To Cybersecurity.
2) Detect Security Breaches Early. 
3) Respond to Security Incidents. 
4) Enhance Security Using Code.
5) Manage Identity.
6) Secure and Protect Data.
7) Secure Operating Systems.
8) Secure Servers. 
9) Secure Cloud-Enabled Services and Data. 
Students who complete this course can earn a CloudSwyft digital certificate and skill badge - detailed, secure, and blockchain-authenticated credentials that profile the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired in this course.

Career Opportunity :
Registration Deadline : 22 Jun 2024 (34 days 3 hours 6 mins 53 secs)
Start Date : 01 Jul 2024 End Date : 31 Aug 2024 Price : RM 3000.00 Per Course

Number of Item : 1
Total (RM) : 3000.00