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Blockchain fundamental

This course introduces the fundamentals of blockchain technology. It is designed to help both technical and non-technical audiences learn the key concepts behind distributed ledger technology, as well as understanding its benefits and limitations in various enterprise applications.

The primary objective of this free blockchain course is to ensure that people could get entry into the blockchain ecosystem. We aim to empower beginners with the necessary resources and learning materials with interactive exercises, to start capitalizing on new blockchain-related career opportunities. 

If you want to explore the prospects with emerging trends in the blockchain revolution, then this course could be the ideal pick for you. The free blockchain course is the best resource to help you develop significant knowledge regarding blockchain, including its basic principles and concepts.

Registration Deadline : 25 Mar 2024 (105 days 17 hours 57 mins 20 secs)

Start Date : 01 Apr 2024

End Date : 30 Apr 2024

RM 2000.00 Per Course

Number of Item : 1

Total (RM) : 2000.00